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Image Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu Season 1 Happens All the Time

Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu Season 1 Happens All the Time

Release Date 2019-06-22
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy
Stars Chisaki Morishita, Minami Tanaka, Akari Kito, Yuuko Kurose
Directors Jukki Hanada, Katsuwo, Ayumi Itakura, Honami Yamagishi, Takebumi Anzai

Hitori Bocchi, a girl with extreme social anxiety, has had only one friend throughout elementary school. When Bocchi learns they'll be split up after graduation, she makes a promise to her: "By the time of my middle school graduation, I'll make friends with everyone in my class." And if she can't... they won't be friends anymore?! But Bocchi has a hard time talking to people. When she gets nervous, her legs cramp. She can't look other people in the eye. She doesn't even know how to make friends! Every way she thinks of to make friends ends up failing. Will her friend-making plan pay off?!

1. My First Confession


April. A young girl stands alone, acting suspiciously in front of the entrance to a middle school... That girl is Hitori Bocchi, a new first year student at the school. And starting today, she's going to become friends with everyone in her class... hopefully!

2. Actually, Thank You


I made my very first friend, Nako-chan, mad!! But I don't know why she's mad or how to even apologize! What do I do?! What should I do...?! That's when--!

3. Getting It Across by Spinning Your Wheels


"I want to go home with Honshou-san. I want to go home with Honshou-san..." As Bocchi keeps muttering her desire, Nako offers her some advice: "First you need to go invite her."

4. I'll Be Your Apprentice


"I've been searching for you this whole time. You can't fool my eyes." The road to school is full of danger! As Bocchi tries to hide her presence and make it to school she runs into a bright foreigner?!

5. Happens All the Time


Aru attempts to save face in front of her friend Hanako Yamada after she accidentally brings an elementary school backpack to school with her. Things become more difficult for her the next day when she ends up wearing a full elementary school uniform. Later, Aru is challenged to a tennis match by Nako, finding it difficult due to all the times she's been skipping tennis club.

6. Summer Comes in 5-7-5


Bocchi becomes nervous about presenting a haiku in front of her class while Nako ends up having to take supplemental lessons after failing her maths test. Meanwhile, Teruyo, trying to get over her fear of Nako, makes the assumption that Bocchi is a secret gang leader.

7. Gentle Tears


Feeling she needs to make one more friend before summer break starts, Bocchi attempts to befriend disciplinary committee member Kako Kurai, only to fail miserably. During summer break, the girls go to the pool, where Bocchi teaches Nako how to swim. When the girls go to karaoke afterwards, Bocchi comes across Kai, who is relieved to see that Bocchi has made some friends and remembers her promise to her. On the way home, Sotoka expresses her desire to become friends with Bocchi to the others.

8. Welcome Back from Elsewhere


After many hurdles, Bocchi manages to get on talking terms with Kako, only to learn that she has a policy against making any friends. The next day, as Bocchi helps Kako clean the classroom, Kako explains that her policy is to prove herself strong enough to live on her own. Meanwhile, Sotoka worries about asking to be Bocchi's friend while remaining as her apprentice. In the end, she decides to focus on her apprentice training to show her appreciation towards Bocchi.

9. Perfect Curry Pancakes


During cooking class, Bocchi ends up having to work with an unfamiliar group of classmates. With some help from Aru, Bocchi manages to impress her group by making them some whipped cream for their pancakes. Afterwards, Bocchi works up the courage to introduce her friends to Kako before asking her to join her group for making curry during an outdoor class. After a successful curry, Kako acknowledges Bocchi's determination to become stronger and declares herself as her rival.

10. No One Said That Before


Strong Bocchi powers up! Today she's Super Strong Bocchi! And Sotoka becomes Super Strong Sotoka too! What's making her stronger than usual? ...Her shoe?? Natto?!

11. From Tap-Tap to Print-Print


If she doesn't talk to all of her friends every day, they'll forget her! While Bocchi has more friends now, she has more worries too. What should she do to ensure she remains friends with everyone? Make her CD Debut?!

12. Maybe I Just Might


Finally... Finally... Bocchi has a smartphone! Now Bocchi can join the smartphone tap-tap group too. Yet first she takes her friend's advice and greets her phone. So when it responds and she asks it to be her friend...?