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Image PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol

Release Date 2024-01-25
Runtime 12 minutes
Genres Animation, Kids
Stars Owen Mason, Tristan Samuel, Kallan Holley, Stuart Ralston, Alex Thorne
Directors Keith Chapman, Jamie Whitney

PAW Patrol is a CG action-adventure for old children and preschool series starring a pack of six heroic puppies led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder.

1. Pups Save the Wacky Water Skiers


When Emmy and Eddie take a joyride, Hurricane Harrigan and Cap'n Turbot get caught water skiing behind the out-of-control boat.

2. Pups Save the Mayor's Assistant


Daring Danny X becomes Mayor Humdinger's assistant and builds a theme park! A jealous Humdinger sabotages the rides.

3. Pups Save Their Digi Tal Friends


The PAW Patrol must save the day when two overly helpful robots take on more than they can handle.

4. Pups Save the Rainbow


In a dream, Mayor Humdinger finds a prism that makes rainbows and drains Adventure Bay of color. It's up to the pups to restore color to Adventure Bay.

5. Pups Save a High-Flying Hen


After Chickaletta accidentally takes flight on a toy airplane, it's up to the PAW Patrol to rescue her.

6. Pups Save a Sloth


Mayor Humdinger mistakes a sloth for a monkey. He races the PAW Patrol to find it when it goes missing to cover up his blunder.

7. Charger Visits the Pups


Rubble's cousin, Charger, visits Adventure Bay just in time to help out when a Humdinger-caused geyser destroys Mr. Porter's cafe.

8. Pups Save a Shiny Ride


Mayor Humdinger hatches a plan to sabotage a "Shiniest Ride Contest," so it's up to the PAW Patrol to save the day.

9. Mighty Pups vs. the Mayor of the Universe


Liberty and the Poms team up with the Mighty Pups to save Adventure Bay from being crushed by a giant, flying Top Hat.

10. Pups Stop a Gold Finding Machine


The Paw Patrol springs into action when a digging machine goes out-of-control and takes Uncle Otis on a wild ride.

11. Pups Help Mayor Humdinger Out of a Jam


Digi and Tal try to help Mayor Humdinger but leave the Mayor covered in jam, the Pups must rescue him from hungry animals.

12. Liberty's Mountain Rescue


Liberty comes to visit the pups just in time to help save the Turbots and their radar doppler in a daring mountain rescue.

13. Pups Save a Flying Farmer Yumi


When Farmer Al builds a windmill, the wind takes Farmer Yumi and Garby on a wild flight.

14. Mighty Pups vs. the Big Chill


Harold creates a ray that can freeze things instantly, it goes awry and sends a giant ice ball toward Adventure Bay.

15. Mighty Pups vs. the Mighty Cheetah


The Cheetah snatches half of Chase's Meteor Crystal; Chase must stop the Cheetah and restore his crystal before anyone gets hurt.

16. Pups Stop the Falling Space Junk


When Digi & Tal's space vacuum breaks it's up to the pups to save Mayor Humdinger from falling space debris.

17. Pups Stop the Giant Cucko


Humdinger's Cuckoo Clock goes out of control. Ryder and the Pups must rescue Travis and get control of the Cuckoo to save Humdinger.

18. Mighty Pups Stop the Mighty Queen


The Mighty Pups must stop Sweetie from using her new powers to take over Adventure Bay.

19. Mighty Pups Stop the Hiccups


Mighty Nano gets the hiccups and starts duplicating out of control, it's up to Liberty and the Mighty Pups to find a cure.

20. Pups Save a Hum-ñata


Mayor Humdinger's birthday party goes horribly awry when Cat Marshall gets trapped inside a life-sized piñata.

21. Pups Stop the Foggy Skies


Mayor Humdinger tries pushing fog into Adventure Bay. It's up to the PAW Patrol to find animals missing in the clouds and save the day.

22. Charger's Christmas Adventure


Charger helps the Paw Patrol rescue Santa and his helpers when a blizzard at the North Pole threatens to close down Christmas.

23. Pups Save Great Uncle Smiley's Cup


Mayor Humdinger enlists Digi & Tal to help him win a hockey game, it's up to the pups to undo the mayhem the team causes.

24. Jungle Pups: Pups Find a Hidden Jungle


Tracker stumbles into a hidden jungle and its animal inhabitants who are frightened by the rumblings of an impending volcano. It's up to Ryder and the pups to use their new animal vehicles to rescue the creatures from the hot lava and save their home.

25. Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Big, Big Animals


When the Hidden Jungle animals appear to be uncharacteristically frightened, Marshall discovers a saber-tooth tiger has been stalking them. And the big-fanged tiger is not the only creature strangely awakening from long, long ago

26. Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Meerkat Pirates


Arrby recruits a crew of Meerkats to gather magical seeds. It's up to the Pups to recover the seeds and rescue Arrby and crew.

27. Jungle Pups: Pups Save a Hum-Hippo


Mayor Humdinger wants a hippo as his new hench-animal, but needs a rescue when it gallops off with Humdinger on his back.

28. Jungle Pups: Pups Save a Golden Sweetie


The Pups rescue Sweetie when she sneaks into the Hidden Jungle and finds a mysterious orb which causes everything she touches to turn to gold.

29. Jungle Pups: Pups Save the Giant Ants


The Pups must save a colony of giant ants from destroying the Hidden Jungle and themselves.

30. Pups Save a Windswept Polar Bear Cub


When a windstorm sends a polar bear cub down to Adventure Bay, it's up to Ryder, Everest, and the pups to bring the baby bear back to its family.

31. Pups Save a Drive-In


The Pups must save Mayor Humdinger from a runaway movie projector at the new drive-in.

32. Pups Save a Baby Caribou


When a baby caribou winds up speeding down a mountainside, it's up to the PAW Patrol to save the calf and reunite him with his family.

33. Pups Save Luke and His Luke-Alike


When Luke Stars gets blown away in a giant tumbleweed, Digi and Tal make a duplicate which dances out of control.

34. Pups Save a Disappearing Flounder


When Cap'n Turbot's ship disappears, the PAW Patrol must venture into the mysterious Adventure Bay Triangle to find the missing vessel.

35. Pups Save Little Grandpa and Mr. Alex


When Alex and Mr. Porter swap roles, the pups must help track down the Mini-Patrol after they go missing.

36. Pups Save the Elephant Spa


While trying to save Traveling Travis, Ryder and the pups stumble across the legendary Elephants Spa.

37. Pups Save an Underwater Otis


Uncle Otis believes he's found gold but when Sid the Pirate tries to jump on Otis's claim, Otis gets trapped in a sunken shipping container.