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Image American Idol

American Idol

Release Date 2016-04-07
Runtime 85 minutes
Genres Reality
Stars Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr.

Each year, hopeful singers from all over the country audition to be part of one of the biggest shows in American television history. Who will become the new American Idol?

1. Denver & Atlanta Auditions


Host Ryan Seacrest and judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. begin their search for talented vocalists with auditions in Denver and Atlanta.

2. Little Rock & San Francisco Auditions


The search for the most talented vocalists continues with auditions in Little Rock, Ark., and San Francisco.

3. Philadelphia Auditions


Ryan and the judges continue their search for talent with auditions in Philadelphia.

4. Denver & Little Rock Auditions


Ryan, Jennifer, Keith, and Harry search the country for the most talented vocalists as the auditions continue in Denver and Little Rock, Ark.

5. Auditions #5


Hopefuls audition for the judges in Atlanta, Little Rock, Ark., Philadelphia and San Francisco.

6. Auditions #6


Hopefuls perform for the judges in Atlanta, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

7. Hollywood Round #1


The judges have heard auditions from all over the country, and now it's time for the best of the best to see if they are cut out for Hollywood.

8. Hollywood Round #2


The contestants press on to show the judges what they've got as Hollywood Week continues.

9. Hollywood Round #3


Hollywood week continues and the contestants are put to the test. Who will come out on top?

10. Hollywood Round #4


The contestants have survived Hollywood week and it is time to find out who will continue on in the competition. Only the best of the best will make it through as the Top 24 are revealed.

11. Showcase #1: 1st 12 Performances


The Top 24 have been chosen, and now it's time for the contestants to show the judges that they are here to stay. Twelve of the Top 24 perform in hopes of earning their spot.

12. Showcase #2: Judges Vote


Favorite former Idols will return to mentor and sing with the contestants. Then, after giving it their all, the first round of performers will find out who will make the cut. The judges vote on who will stay in the competition to become the next, and final, American Idol.

13. Showcase #3: 2nd 12 Performances


The remaining 12 of the Top 24 get their chance to shine as they perform for the judges' votes.

14. Showcase #4: Judges Vote


Idol fan favorites return to mentor and perform, as the judges vote on the second showcase and five contestants are sent home. Find out who advances to the Top 14 in the quest to become the final Idol.

15. Wildcard Night: Judges Pick


After proving themselves alongside Idol legends, some semifinalists will reach the end of their journey. The judges will announce the first eight semi-finalists to make it into the Top 10, leaving six to sing for America's vote and the final two spots in this farewell season's Top 10.

16. Top 10 Revealed and Perform


The first live show of the season is finally here! Host Ryan Seacrest will reveal America's Vote and announce the final two semi-finalists joining the Top 10. Then, the Top 10 finalists will perform for America's vote.

17. Episode 17


18. Top 6 Perform


As the competition moves forward, Idol hopefuls have limited time to make a name for themselves. Find out who will move on and who has reached the end of the road.

19. Top 5 Perform


20. Episode 20


21. Episode 21


22. American Dream


23. Finale, Part 1


24. Finale, Part 2