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Image Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Release Date 2024-02-26
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Soap
Stars William Roache

The residents of Coronation Street are ordinary, working-class people, and the show follows them through regular social and family interactions at home, in the workplace, and in their local pub, the Rovers Return Inn. Britain's longest-running soap.

1. Sunday, 31st December 2023


Jenny and Daisy prepare to ring in the new year at the reopened Rovers. Sarah and Adam are drawn back together, while Daniel proves that an auld acquaintance should not be forgot.

2. Monday, 1st January 2024


Damon's return threatens Adam's fresh start with Sarah as well as his life, Daniel and Bethany's reunion upsets Daisy, and Dee-Dee supports Ed's efforts to get back on track.

3. Tuesday, 2nd January 2024


Adam informs Sarah of his kidnap ordeal, and Paul suffers a public embarrassment as Cassie continues to drive a wedge between the Websters.

4. Wednesday, 3rd January 2024


Paul gets over a disappointment by enjoying a drinking session with David and Steve, Roy pushes Cassie to come clean to Kevin.

5. Tuesday, 9th January 2024


Paul asks Todd and Abi to help him to die. Evelyn seeks proof of Terry’s illegal dog breeding. Dev’s plan for the twins’ birthday fails to impress, while Damon unwittingly places temptation in Ed’s way.

6. Wednesday, 10th January 2024


Cassie's dogged pursuit of Terry lands her in a tight spot, Sarah overhears Damon reverting to type, Paul and Billy matchmake Todd with Moses, and Aadi and Nina comfort each other.

7. Friday, 12th January 2024


Aadi and Nina confess their kiss to Asha. Cassie offers to buy Hope’s silence. Sarah thrills Damon by inviting him for a drink. Carla tackles Bobby about his behaviour at work.

8. Monday, 15th January 2024


Adam takes action to prevent Sarah from getting involved with Damon, Max extends an invitation to Lauren, Aadi discovers that Asha left him to die, and Chesney and Gemma are caught off guard by Linda's early arrival.

9. Wednesday, 17th January 2024


Gemma accuses Chesney and Linda of plotting against her, Harvey warns Adam not to double-cross him, and Max confronts Lauren with Sabrina's suspicions.

10. Friday, 19th January 2024


Liam endures torment from Mason upon his return to school, Lauren embraces single life, Adam hands cash to Harvey's minion, and Joseph's diagnosis brings good and bad news for Gemma and Chesney.

11. Monday, 22nd January 2024


Liam gears up to fight back against Mason. Bernie gets close to discovering Paul’s secret. Chesney makes amends with Joseph. Carla encourages Simon and Bobby to bond.

12. Tuesday, 23rd January 2024


Bernie's road trip culminates in a shock revelation, Tracy demands a makeover for her birthday, Maria urges Liam to tell the police the truth, and the bailiffs call on the Baileys.

13. Wednesday, 24th January 2024


Michael encounters danger as Ed's life goes up in smoke, Simon pushes his luck too far with Carla, Bernie forms a bad impression of Moses, and Tracy hires Steve's footballing hero.

14. Monday, 29th January 2024


Michael suspects Ed of starting the fire that almost killed him, Steve reluctantly leaves Tracy to look after Tommy, Bethany evades Daniel's interest in her writing, and Simon feels directionless without a job.

15. Wednesday, 31st January 2024


Tracy struggles to ignore her attraction to Tommy, Bethany conceals her desperation for gainful employment, Bobby proves to be a bad influence on Simon, and Michael learns that Ed was not responsible for the fire.

16. Monday, 5th February 2024


Steve's early return catches Tracy and Tommy on the hop, Daniel's discretion intrigues Bethany, and Adam seeks Dee-Dee and Joel's help in achieving a breakthrough in Harvey's appeal case

17. Friday, 9th February 2024


Harvey provides Adam with a fall guy for his murder conviction, Bethany targets Lauren in her quest for a scoop, and Toyah spots an angry exchange between Joel and a mystery woman

18. Sunday, 11th February 2024


Simon crashes Leanne's car while under the influence of alcohol, Damon's implied threat unnerves Dee-Dee, and Bethany is forced to admit her deception to a stunned Daniel.

19. Monday, 12th February 2024


Nick gets to the bottom of Leanne and Simon's cover-up, Bethany attempts to bury the hatchet with Daisy, and Bobby is shocked to learn the truth about his father's crime.

20. Tuesday, 13th February 2024


Billy snaps under the strain of spoiling Paul for Valentine's Day, Bobby eyes an unusual route to Lauren's heart, and George realises that Liam is the victim not the bully.

21. Wednesday, 14th February 2024


Maria takes action when Liam refuses to go to school, Bobby has competition for Lauren's affections, Amy walks in on Tracy and Tommy during a row, and Leanne catches Nick off guard with a marriage proposal.

22. Friday, 16th February 2024


Maria and Gary make a horrifying discovery about Liam's state of mind, Lauren reveals a secret source of income, and David urges Nick to voice his doubts to Leanne.

23. Monday, 19th February 2024


Maria takes Liam to Dr. Gaddas. Steve makes an effort to impress Tracy. Alya grows suspicious of Joel. Sean receives a wake-up call from Dylan's phone.

24. Wednesday, 21 February 2024


Tim gets an eyeful through Tracy's bedroom window. Dee-Dee learns the awful truth about Joel. Lauren informs Roy that she intends to leave Weatherfield.

25. Monday, 26th February 2024


Tim tells Tracy he knows about the affair and orders her to tell Steve - only for her to be wrongfooted when her hapless hubbie suggests they renew their vows. Carla is puzzled to hear Daisy call herself the Rovers landlady, Emily tries to convince Dee-Dee that Joel is a good man and Adam quizzes John about his whereabouts on the night of Natasha's murder.

26. Thursday, 29th February 2024


Daisy feels there's still a spark between her and Daniel after agreeing to look after Bertie for a few hours. A family liaison officer tells Nick that Harvey is planning an appeal after another man takes the blame for killing Natasha. Tracy breaks the news of her fling to Ken and Amy, while Tim tells Sally he wants Tommy gone out of loyalty to Steve. Sean makes Dylan promise to give up the names of the bullies.

27. Friday, 1st March 2024


Daisy is angry with Daniel for failing to warn her about the article. Nick tells Dee-Dee about Harvey's appeal and how worried he is for Sam's sake. Steve is intrigued to learn that Tommy has accepted a job as an assistant coach at a football academy in Spain. Gary tells Maria that they need to come up with a better plan for Liam, and Evelyn and Cassie prepare the house for Fiz and Tyrone's return.