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Image Suidooster


Release Date 2023-11-30
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Soap
Stars Theresa Sedras, Portia Joel, Denise Newman, Jill Levenberg, Simone Biscombe

Suidooster is a South African television soap opera produced by Suidooster Films which revolves around a matriarch, her family, friends and the people of Suidooster, a small shopping and business centre in the fictional Cape Town suburb of Ruiterbosch.

1. Episode 1


Wade is finally invited to one of Lillian’s social gatherings, while Siya and Danni are nervous about Brendan’s stay with them. Bianca and Dirk make a decision that could have grave consequences.

2. Episode 2


Bianca and AB struggle to get along, while Dirk tries his best to make peace. Mrs J struggles with the fact that Wade is going away, and Angie gets upsetting news.

3. Episode 3


Susan gets an unexpected surprise, while Angie has to make an impossible decision. There seems to be hope for Dirk en Bianca, but will it last?

4. Episode 4


Dirk decides it’s time to leave. Mrs J encourages Lillian to be sensible and Danni gets a huge surprise when she walks into the pharmacy.

5. Episode 5


Bianca and Dirk struggle with all the opposition to their relationship, while the Thulis realises that they can’t keep Brendan in the dark much longer. Nazeem is in possession of photos of Bridgette that could cause quite a stir.

6. Episode 6


Bianca introduces Dirk to Stella, while Bridgette has to weather a media storm. Siya is desperate to find Zenobia, and AB employs someone at the pharmacy.

7. Episode 7


Bridgette tries to make peace with Eric, while Aiden is looking for accommodation. Siya is optimistic about Zenobia, and Mymoena realises that she made a mistake with Bianca and Dirk.

8. Episode 8


Siya and Danni butt heads about their responsibility regarding Brendan. Bridgette finally gives up on Eric, while Bianca faces new challenges regarding her relationship with Dirk.

9. Episode 9


Bianca and Dirk decide to reach out to their friends. Angie gives Mrs J a nail makeover, while Brendan isn’t planning to go back to Hope Town.

10. Episode 10


Eric’s day is full of surprises and revelations, while the search for Brendan takes an unexpected turn. Mrs J is at her wits’ end, and Dirk has big news..

11. Episode 11


Bianca needs more time to make a decision but it’s running out fast. Ty suspects that Carlo knows more than he’s letting on, while someone does something behind Bridgette’s back.

12. Episode 12


AB and Mymoena’s plan to get rid of Dirk blows up in their faces. Danni isn’t ready for motherhood and where can Eric be?

13. Episode 13


The Samsodiens face a challenge, while Bridgette tries to get Eric back on his feet. Brendan is missing again and Angie puts Wade in a difficult situation

14. Episode 14


Bridgette is summoned by the JPD board regarding her plans with Eric and the property. Wade fears he is being replaced with Aiden, while Dirk and Bianca make a big decision.

15. Episode 15


Danni and Siya have a big fight about Brendan, while Wade is jealous of Justin’s new friendship. Bianca and Dirk’s plans are gaining momentum, but will someone put a stop to it?

16. Episode 16


Aiden asks Wade for help, while Brendan causes more problems at the Thuli’s home. Will Mymoena take decisive action?

17. Episode 17


Rhafiek gets a good taste of his own medicine, and Justin has a rough day. Lee-Ann puts her foot in her mouth, while Siya gets an unexpected phone call...

18. Episode 18


Zoe and Tim encourage Danni to make her voice heard. Wade invites himself along to the gym with Aiden and Justin while Mymoena stresses about the future.

19. Episode 19


Aiden (played by Theodore Jantjies) gets the wrong impression about Wade and Justin when Angie reprimands him. Siya takes Brendan to task about his attitude and Danni tries to make amends. Dirk secretly goes off somewhere for the day…

20. Episode 20


A mysterious parcel leads to many questions, while Ruiterbosch prepares itself for a big event. An act of evil shocks the residents…

21. Episode 21


What is done is done and Ruiterbosch faces an omnious threat…. Bianca and Dirk’s plans turn into a nightmare.

22. Episode 22


Dark clouds gather over Ruiterbosch and the residents face an uncertain future… Dirk wants to protect his future with Bianca, while Siya realises Brendan stole the church collection money.

23. Episode 23


Will Ruiterbosch ever be the same again? Brendan’s plans are making Carlo scared and Siya asks Ty for advice on how to deal with a rebellious teenager.

24. Episode 24


Ruiterbosch’s residents are struggling to deal with what has happened, while a familiar face suddenly returns. A tough task awaits Siya. Zoe softens towards Nazeem, and Bianca finally makes her decision.

25. Episode 25


The damage that someone did, has far reaching concequences. Brendan is getting desperate to please his brother and the gang. Rhafiek sees red, while Nazeem has something up his sleeve.

26. Episode 26


Dirk asks Susan for help and Kaashifa puts pressure on Bianca not to turn her back on the Samsodiens and her friends. Brendan and his brother have their sights on a bakkie that belongs to JPD.

27. Episode 27


Bianca and Dirk’s plans are on track, while the Samsodiens clash once again. Everyone in the JPD office is puzzled about the key to the bakkie that went missing .

28. Episode 28


Bianca is shaken by the Samsodien’s plea, while Aiden faces a work crisis or two. Bridgette tries to give Danni some perspective on Brendan, but the Thulis want to report the crime.

29. Episode 29


Rhiyaaz surprises the Samsodiens with a request. Siya and Danni make a big decision about Brendan’s future. Bianca and Dirk is gearing up for the future but is there going to be a spanner in the works?

30. Episode 30


The Samsodiens receive more shocking news. Ty and Lee-Ann have reason to believe that Brendan is up to his old tricks again.

31. Episode 31


Wade is tempted left, right and centre, while Bianca gets an unexpected visitor. Rhiyaaz’s fate is in Rhafiek’s hands: What will he decide?

32. Episode 32


Danni and Siya are concerned because Brendan is suddenly quiet and detached. A familiar face wanders into Anker and Rhiyaaz informs the Samsodiens about his plans.

33. Episode 33


The relationship between the twins reaches breaking point. Rita has to face difficult realities, while Bianca receives a lot of support from her friends.

34. Episode 34


Rhiyaaz reaches out to Rhafiek, while Rita struggles to adapt to life in Ruiterbosch. Siya receives shocking news, and Angie tries to help Wade lose weight.

35. Episode 35


Danni does her own research on Brendan’s prospective foster family. Rita struggles to reintegrate and Rhafiek decides to inform the family of what he discovered.

36. Episode 36


Rhafiek and Rhiyaaz butt heads again. Brendan meets the family that wants to foster him, while Zoe is sure that Rita has something against her.

37. Episode 37


Rhafiek tries to do the right thing and simultaneously still please the Samsodiens. Zoe does her best to spend time with Rita and Danni avoids Brendan.

38. Episode 38


Tim has his hands full with the women in his life, and Bianca gets big news. Danni and Siya’s day takes an unexpected turn, while Rhiyaaz makes a big announcement.

39. Episode 39


Tim admits that he is to blame for neglecting Rita, not Zoe. Danni and Siya have some obstacles to overcome, while Rhafiek is angry at the world.

40. Episode 40


Zoe finds herself in a difficult situation when Bridgette takes action against Nazeem. Rhafiek is on the warpath about Bianca, while Siya needs to sort out a problem that cropped up at the church.

41. Episode 41


The conflict between Bianca and Rhafiek reaches boiling point, while the pressure on Zoe becomes unbearable. Danni and Siya have a new crisis on their hands.

42. Episode 42


Nazeem gives Zoe an ultimatum. Siya tries to repair the church’s roof himself, but runs into trouble. Rhafiek and Bianca make peace, or do they?

43. Episode 43


Bridgette targets Nazeem, while the peace between Rhafiek and Bianca is short-lived. Angie meets a new, generous friend.

44. Episode 44


Rhafiek and Bianca are making Aiden’s life difficult. Siya wants to be proactive, while Bridgette is still trying to process Zoe’s betrayal.

45. Episode 45


Siya struggles to make an important decision, while Aiden has to solve one crisis after the other. Bridgette guns for Nazeem, and Mymoena is shocked to her core...

46. Episode 46


Bianca asks Kate to keep quiet about Dirk’s letter. Angie meets *Orpa’s husband and Tim warns Nazeem to stay in his lane.

47. Episode 47


There is a crisis at the chemist and Aiden can’t get hold of Rhafiek. Rita gets Justin to model for an art class, while Mymoena tries to sort out the situation with the shares.

48. Episode 48


Mymoena has to make an impossible decision, while Rita confronts Elana. Siya sends a “spy” to Orpa’s service, and Ty gets some of his own medicine.

49. Episode 49


Bridgette tries to help Rita with her art connections. Mymoena reassures Bianca that she’ll support her against Rhafiek, while Orpa needs a larger venue.

50. Episode 50


Tim is worried about Rita’s art dealer while Siya wonders about Orpa’s influence on his congregants. Rhafiek’s refusal to attend AB’s Gadat has serious consequences.

51. Episode 51


Orpa is a thorn in Siya’s side, while Nazeem’s plan for revenge is in motion. Kaashifa begs Rhafiek to make the right decision.

52. Episode 52


The Samsodiens have a day full of surprises, while Siya does something irrational. Nazeem’s plan gains momentum, while Orpa continues spinning her web...

53. Episode 53


Zoe wonders if she should make a donation to Orpa’s ministry. Aiden is optimistic about the future, while Rita and Ezra grow closer.

54. Episode 54


Mymoena has to make a difficult decision, while Nazeem gets a huge fright when Brendan shows up at the gallery. Siya’s youth function is a big success but then things go awry.

55. Episode 55


Siya suffers another setback at the church, while Aiden finds an investor. Tim tries to find out more about Ezra ...

56. Episode 56


Aiden is disappointed that his plans for the future failed. Orpa rubs Danni up the wrong way and Nazeem bites Rita’s head off about the cheese and wine open night.

57. Episode 57


Nazeem threatens Brendan to keep quiet about his secret identity. Siya is despondent when Orpa takes over the church event, while Tim tries to make peace with Rita.

58. Episode 58


Orpa tries her best to lure Aiden to her ministry, which leads to conflict between her and Danni. The Jacobs clan prepares to meet Ezra Weeder, but will he show up?

59. Episode 59


Elana gears up for her first neighbourhood watch shift, and Siya has an awkward talk with Aiden. Rita has an action-packed day, while Orpa continues to rub people up the wrong way....

60. Episode 60


Orpa feigns concern and gives Danni some marriage advice. Ezra asks Rita for a favour, while Ty doesn’t want Elana to be part of the neighbourhood watch.

61. Episode 61


Rita and Bridgette are at each other’s throats about an artwork. Lee-Ann insists on being part of the neighbourhood watch, while Danni and Bianca come up with an idea to market the church.

62. Episode 62


Nazeem makes plans to upset Bridgette, while Angie gets a suspicious invitation. Mrs J finds out about the project to promote the church, and Elana and Lee-Ann inspire the women of Ruiterbosch.

63. Episode 63


Siya lands an interview with a local radio station, but gets a nasty surprise. The women cause havoc at the neighbourhood watch and Ezra throws Bridgette out of his gallery.

64. Episode 64


Siya is despondent about the state of his congregation, and Orpa takes an unexpected step. Ty pranks the new members of the neighbourhood watch, while Rita makes a drastic decision.

65. Episode 65


Mrs J is upset when she finds out that her family attended Orpa's service. Elana and her friends are determined to prove that they belong in the neighbourhood watch, while Rita starts doubting herself.

66. Episode 66


The neighbourhood watch takes on an unusual challenge, while someone continues to push Rita’s buttons. Siya is determined to save his congregation, but then Orpa takes everyone’s breath away...

67. Episode 67


Ezra encourages Rita to stand up for herself. Ruiterbosch is abuzz after Orpa’s miracle but not everyone is convinced by it.

68. Episode 68


Someone is playing mind games with Rita, which leads to serious consequences. The heat is turned on as the two local neighbourhood watch teams compete, while Aiden starts to suspect that Orpa isn’t who she pretends to be.

69. Episode 69


Rita tries to convince Tim of Bridgette’s guilt, while Aiden puts Danni on Orpa’s trail. The local neighbourhood watch competition comes to an end ...

70. Episode 70


Tim is worried about Rita and asks Ezra about her. Rita’s brakes give problems and someone plants another seed. Siya confronts Orpa, while Elana and Susan are awkward with each other.

71. Episode 71


There is another attempt to turn Rita against Bridgette, but will it work? Mrs J is furious with Siya about his decision, while Susan takes Elana to task about her behaviour at the bar.

72. Episode 72


Is Rita going to turn against Bridgette? Elana can’t understand why Susan is antagonistic towards her and Orpa seizes an opportunity to deliver the final blow to Mrs J’s church.

73. Episode 73


Elana has an interesting date, while Orpa gives Siya food for thought. Rita tries to keep her emotions under control, but Tim suspects something is off with his mother...

74. Episode 74


Bridgette is upset and Tim defends his mother. Elana’s love life is flourishing, while Mrs J is shocked to find out that Orpa has even bigger plans.

75. Episode 75


Susan needs to make a decision about Elana and Carlo wants to get his parents a gift. Orpa puts Siya in charge of fundraising for the new church building.

76. Episode 76


Tim is on Ezra’s trail, while Nazeem is also scheming. Elana and Susan go on a date, while Kate and Mrs J remain fiercely loyal to their church.

77. Episode 77


Orpa pushes an uncomfortable Siya to up his fundraising skills and she offers Bianca a job. Tim confronts Ezra about what he discovered about his deceased wife ...

78. Episode 78


Tim desperately seeks proof that Ezra is a liar, while Aiden is determined to prove his youthfulness. Siya has a practical solution for Orpa’s problem, but she refuses to listen.

79. Episode 79


Angie helps a young girl and James sees an irresistible prey. Aiden insists that he can still party till late into the night but his body doesn’t agree. Will Nazeem’s evil plans succeed?

80. Episode 80


Orpa continues to sow discord among the people of Ruiterbosch and this time Danni gets the worst of it. Saskia’s expectations are exceeded, while everyone’s efforts to save Rita from herself end in catastrophy...

81. Episode 81


Angie is excited about Saskia’s big day, while Aiden surprises Danni with a slab of chocolate. Bridgette pleads for her life.

82. Episode 82


Angie is concerned because Saskia blocked her phone. Siya sees something that makes him wonder and confronts Orpa about it. Bridgette is trying to makes sense of it all but things might get even worse...

83. Episode 83


Siya looks into the Blignauts’ past, while Kate gets even more upset with Aiden. Everyone in Ruiterbosch is searching for Bridgette...

84. Episode 84


Ruiterbosch is in shock and Orpa declares something as a miracle. Tim finds out that Rita’s medication was tampered with, and there is nothing like a cat on a hot tin roof.

85. Episode 85


Angie finds out about something shocking regarding Orpa and James. Someone wants to get rid of Rita too, while Aiden’s plans for a quiet birthday start to derail.

86. Episode 86


Kate and Kaashifa finalise Aiden’s surprise birthday party. Siya receives shocking news about the Blignauts, while Tim is forced to ask Nazeem for help.

87. Episode 87


Siya, Danni and Angie try to do the right thing, but someone makes it difficult for them. Rita finally starts to feel positive again, while Nazeem still has a few more cards up his sleeve...

88. Episode 88


Aiden’s big day isn’t off to a great start. Rita gets shocking news, while Siya comes to a decision about the future.

89. Episode 89


Rita unknowingly does something that damages Nazeem, while Aiden is recovering from the previous night’s incident. Siya goes to Jeffreys Bay to find evidence against Orpa and James.

90. Episode 90


Siya chastises himself over the Orpa saga, while Nazeem’s words makes Bridgette doubt herself. Mymoena’s children are worried about her...

91. Episode 91


Bridgette is exceptionally friendly, which confuses everyone. Wade is upset about Orpa’s actions. Mymoena’s Iddah has ended and she faces the outside world again.

92. Episode 92


Danni foresees trouble between Brendan and Carlo, while Mymoena’s friends and family try to cheer her up. Mrs J and Kate make a shocking discovery in the church office ...

93. Episode 93


Kate is left with a moral dilemma after what she and Mrs J discovered. Lee-Ann, Danni and Ty butt heads over their love-smitten boys, while Ruiterbosch is abuzz about the Woman of the Year competition.

94. Episode 94


A big decision has Elana at wits’ end, while Mymoena makes the impossible happen. Danni is worried about the boys, and thanks to Orpa, Siya is close to giving up hope...

95. Episode 95


Bridgette is anxious to find out whether she was nominated for Woman of the Year, while Justin gets bad news.

96. Episode 96


Brendan is upset that Charlie chose Carlo and the Thuli’s argue about how to deal with the situation. Bridgette is excited yet slightly unsure about the competition, while Elana is caught off guard by Susan’s attitude.

97. Episode 97


Brendan and Carlo’s parents are worried about their friendship, while the ladies’ competition kicks off with its first round. Angie surprises Wade and Justin, and this time it’s Elana who catches Susan off guard ...

98. Episode 98


Bridgette struggles to find a skill for the competition fundraiser and tricks Kate and Bennie. The Daniels’ family feels a braai with the Thuli’s will help the boys to make peace again.

99. Episode 99


The tension builds between the teenage boys, while Elana makes a decision about her relationship with Susan. Mymoena and Bridgette battle it out with their fundraising efforts for the competition, but will either of them win the first round?

100. Episode 100


Carlo is bullied and Aiden comes up with a nifty plan regarding his extra World Cup ticket. Susan moves out of the commune and Mymoena gets ready for her interview.

101. Episode 101


Justin has to make a decision, and Angie takes a big chance. The search for Carlo’s bully continues, while Mymoena and Bridgette bury the hatchet for a moment.

102. Episode 102


Mymoena isn’t that eager to take part in the competition anymore. Aiden notices how hard Kate is on Justin, while Brendan ups his game.

103. Episode 103


A serious incident between rocks the Thuli and Daniels househoulds. Justin is scheming with Angie’s raffle tickets to get his room in the commune back. Bridgette loses her drive to win the competition but then unexpectedly comes up with a new idea.

104. Episode 104


Lee-Ann and Ty try to figure out what happened, while Bridgette struggles to choose an item and outfit for the final round of the competition. Wade is taught a valuable lesson.

105. Episode 105


Danni almost gets a written warning, while Bridgette discovers Mymoena is doing the alterations to her dress. Carlo has had enough and decides to take revenge.

106. Episode 106


Will Carlo be stepping over a line with his plan? It’s the final round of the Woman Of The Year competition. Will Mymoena or Bridgette win, and will their friendship survive it all?

107. Episode 107


Justin and Angie are still arguing over the lottery tickets, while Mymoena finds a new perspective on life. One of Ruiterbosch’s residents is missing.

108. Episode 108


The community is in shock, while Wade goes to extremes in the name of love. The raffle is drawn, and Aiden is stumped by who the winner is...

109. Episode 109


Wade’s plan comes to fruition and Bridgette is determined to have things her way. Everyone is relieved about Brendan.

110. Episode 110


Kate agrees to Angie having a housewarming party, while Bridgette tries to sort out her passport problems. Everyone is concerned about Brendan.

111. Episode 111


Carlo is caught between a rock and a hard place, while Aiden announces a second raffle draw for the Rugby World Cup. A fresh face introduces himself to Ruiterbosch ...

112. Episode 112


Lee-Ann wants to inform the Thulis about the letter, but Ty doesn’t agree with her. Elana chastises Angie about the way she’s treating Wade, while Mymoena gets a flash of inspiration and surprises everyone.

113. Episode 113


Wade makes a big sacrifice for Angie, while Kate and Justin need to pretend they’re in a relationship. Bennie finds a clue about Brendan, but will he find the courage to tell Siya and Danni about it?

114. Episode 114


Rassie is determined to woo Kate, while two Ruiterbosch residents are getting ready to fly to France. Danni is on the warpath.

115. Episode 115


Kate steps out of her comfort zone, while Ty, Lee-Ann and Bridgette have some damage control to do. Danni and Siya’s world is rocked even more...

116. Episode 116


Lee-Ann and Ty fight about how he resolves conflict. Rassie strikes while the iron is hot, and there are fears about Aiden’s whereabouts.

117. Episode 117


Lee-Ann is becoming increasingly concerned about Carlo but Ty is in denial and keeps coming up for him. Justin would like to work at Radio Dassie on a more permanent basis, while Bennie drops another bomb.

118. Episode 118


Ty starts doubting Carlo, while Danni and Siya reach out to Brendan’s brother. Rhafiek and Susan make a deal with Rassie, and the travellers are back from France.

119. Episode 119


Ty lies to protect someone, while Mrs J’s loyalties are torn. Kate tells Justin he got the radio DJ gig, unaware that it’s not the case.

120. Episode 120


Ty and Lee-Ann ask the Thuli’s for a big favour, but there is a spanner in the works. Justin is desperate to secure a job at Radio Dassie, while Mymoena returns to Ruiterbosch full of new plans.

121. Episode 121


Justin tries his best to get a slot on Radio Dassie while Ty faces a huge dilemma about what’s right. Everything becomes too much for Danni...

122. Episode 122


Siya’s temper gets the better of him, while Rassie sees an opportunity and acts on it. The Daniels family faces a test.

123. Episode 123


Ty is extremely worried about family and Lee-Ann takes out her frustrastion on Zoe. Nazeem is unaware of the fact that the Royal is advertised on Radio Dassie.

124. Episode 124


Nazeem scratches deeper for information about Rassie and decides to take action. Ty approaches Siya with a desperate request, while Aiden oversteps the line with Danni.

125. Episode 125


Nazeem sends Rassie a strong message, and Mymoena decides on a new career path. LeeEpisodeAnn and Ty try to trace the owner of the phone number, while Mrs J has big news for Danni and Siya.

126. Episode 126


The news about Brendan soon spreads and everyone is looking for answers. Kaashifa is unhappy about Mymoena’s new venture while Rassie is set to make a dash. Little does he know that Nazeem has other plans for him...

127. Episode 127


Rassie tries to make up with Kate while the tension builds between Kaashifa and Mymoena. Siya helps Ty with a breakthrough in his investigation, but is it too late?

128. Episode 128


Ty is grumpy with Lee-Ann, while Mymoena has a new plan for her business. Rassie gets more than he bargained for ...

129. Episode 129


A brush with death sets Susan out on a mission. Kaashifa has a day full of nasty surprises, and Rassie and Nazeem run into unexpected trouble...

130. Episode 130


The Daniels clan takes Carlo out for the day and Brendan comes home. Nazeem overloads Rassie with so-called work while Susan has a great idea.

131. Episode 131


Siya and Danni are unsure about Zenobia’s request to see her son, while Charlie and Carlo see each other again for the first time in a long time. Justin and Wade discuss the amount of money Elana spends on radio adverts and this leads to trouble.

132. Episode 132


The Thulis are anxious about Brendan’s mother coming to visit, while Kate sets Rassie an ultimatum. The Samsodien feud continues, and Susan receives an anonymous letter ...

133. Episode 133


Susan has no luck with her “evidence”. Nazeem pressures Rassie and once again causes friction between him and Kate. Brendan is asked to give his mother another chance.

134. Episode 134


Susan finds a new clue. Zenobia makes a decision about her future with Brendan, while Mymoena tries to make peace with Kaashifa.

135. Episode 135


Zenobia wants to spend more time with Brendan but the Thuli’s put a stop to that. There's more trouble brewing between in the Samsodien house, while Susan is on a mission to find out the truth.

136. Episode 136


There’s a new face in Ruiterbosch, and Rhafiek does something impulsive. Rassie makes a shocking revelation, while Zenobia turns the Thulis’ world upside down...

137. Episode 137


Justin and Susan surprise everyone when they resign from Radio Dassie. JPD needs a caterer for a big event while Zenobia decides about the future.

138. Episode 138


Nazeem becomes suspicious and ponders what to do next. Zoe asks Bianca to spy for her, while Gary is surprised when he bumps into Danni.

139. Episode 139


Kate and Rassie decide on his future, while Gary is worried about Aiden. The Thulis prepare for their road trip, and Bianca starts spying ...

140. Episode 140


Bianca is a horrible spy, but thinks she was successful. The Booysen brothers have a massive falling out and Bennie gets roped into a dangerous plan.

141. Episode 141


Rassie and his team have a new plan, but will it work? The tension in the Samsodien house reaches new heights, while Angie is fed up with Gary’s laziness.

142. Episode 142


It’s D2-Day for Rassie. Gary is out of money, but makes a sly plan to earn some cash. Do the Samsodiens reach a turning point? JPD’s function might get interesting...

143. Episode 143


Aiden tries to be firm with his brother, but Gary is already ten steps ahead of him. Nazeem has a day full of disappointments and surprises, and Lee-Ann makes a shocking discovery...

144. Episode 144


Lee-Ann lies to Ty about her meeting. Mymoena plants a seed, while Susan neglects her duties at Atlantic Adrenaline.

145. Episode 145


Gary is excited when someone pays him a substantial amount of money. Lee-Ann faces a test but then things take an unexpected turn. Susan and Justin think they are clever and run into trouble.

146. Episode 146


Kate shares her concerns about Gary, while Justin and Susan struggle to keep up with their duties at the radio station. Ty finds out that Lee-Ann lied to him ...

147. Episode 147


Nazeem takes Mrs J out for a treat but gets into trouble with Bridgette. Kate asks Justin to help her with Gary and Nazeem. Ty goes for a drink with Lee-Ann, but it is an awkward situation...

148. Episode 148


Susan and Justin struggle with their new colleague, while the Samsodiens are at odds about their future. Lee-Ann hears about something shocking regarding her past.

149. Episode 149


Ty finds someone’s presence increasingly problematic. Elana is worried that Verone´ doesn’t know enough people in Ruiterbosch and Nazeem is scheming.

150. Episode 150


Aiden tries to make peace with Gary, while a second meeting between Justin and Verone´ messes with both their heads. Ty does something stupid, and Nazeem puts a devious plan into motion...

151. Episode 151


Justin and Susan have a nasty surprise coming. The Thulis return from their holiday and are quite excited about something.

152. Episode 152


Lee-Ann makes special plans for her and Ty, while Gary struggles to find work. Mymoena Bianca and Kaashifa aren’t convinced that Rhafiek made the right decision to buy another business.

153. Episode 153


Nazeem puts Gary in a difficult position, while Ty suspects Lee-Ann is hiding something. Rhafiek feels the pressure of a new business and Justin finds out more about Veroné.

154. Episode 154


Bridgette is puzzled when she can’t remember sending an insulting email. Ty struggles to make peace with Lee-Ann, while Justin discovers his Veroné and Elana’s Veroné are one and the same person.

155. Episode 155


It’s chaos at JDP when Nazeem’s secret plan comes to fruition. Lee-Ann tries to make peace with Ty, while Susan is spooked after a speaking to a caller live on radio.

156. Episode 156


Rhafiek wants to take his family and friends on a hike. Ty’s imagination plays games with him, while Nazeem forces Gary to continue his dirty work at JPD.

157. Episode 157


Ty is on the verge of acting recklessly, while Bridgette challenges Nazeem. Things between Justin and Veroné become even more complicated, and Rhafiek gets a message that upsets him...

158. Episode 158


Everyone is looking forward to Rhafiek’s hike. Nazeem twists Gary’s arm and Justin can no longer contain himself.

159. Episode 159


Justin wants to know where he stands with Veroné, but she is concerned about her fiancé’s feelings. Aiden wants to know why Gary decided to stay in Cape Town, while Rhafiek is facing a crisis.

160. Episode 160


Some residents are in trouble, while Aiden admits something personal to Gary. Justin tells a friend about Veroné ...

161. Episode 161


A life-threatening situation worsens even further. Bridgette is faced with an impossible choice, while dark clouds gather over Ruiterbosch.

162. Episode 162


Danni feels forced to reveal a secret to Siya, while Susan and Justin butt heads about his intentions with Veroné. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for some of the residents. Will Zoë risk her life?

163. Episode 163


The Daniels family receives news about Rhafiek. Veroné starts doubting her relationship with Justin and what is Lee-Ann hiding from Ty?

164. Episode 164


Angie is celebrated as a hometown hero, while Kaashifa worries about Rhafiek’s wellbeing. Lee-Ann tries to put her family first, but it’s tougher than she anticipated...

165. Episode 165


Veroné lets the cat out of the bag. Angie suggests she and Wade delay their plans for now, while Lee-Ann wants to cancel a contract.

166. Episode 166


There are serious repercussions for Rhafiek and his business. Lee-Ann is in a state after a JPD decision. Justin and Veroné hang out with friends but then her fiancé calls...

167. Episode 167


Bridgette urges Lee-Ann to straighten things out, while Wade lashes out at Rhafiek. Veroné takes the wind out of Justin’s sails...

168. Episode 168


Justin and Veroné struggle after the breakup. Kaashifa convinces Rhafiek to take a tour group on a mountain bike trip while Ty confronts Lee-...

169. Episode 169


Lee-Ann wrestles with the secret she’s hiding. Gary finally feels at home at JPD, but Nazeem is still looking over his shoulder. Justin is head over heels, but does Veroné feel the same?

170. Episode 170


Gary starts to wonder if he is playing for the right team, while Rhafiek's trauma forces him to make a difficult decision. Lee-Ann's guilt eats away at her.

171. Episode 171


Gary takes chances with Bridgette and Nazeem, while Rhafiek finally takes action. Veroné says something that takes Justin’s breath away, and Lee-Ann confesses...

172. Episode 172


Lee-Ann is forced to lie about Ty’s whereabouts. Rhafiek has big plans for the day, while Nazeem launches a new plan of attack.

173. Episode 173


Wade confronts Lee-Ann, while Veroné has to tell her fiancé about her and Justin. Bridgette’s phone isn’t working and Gary suspects Nazeem has something to do with it.

174. Episode 174


Nazeem puts Gary in an impossible position, while Bridgette tries to protect LeeAnn. Veroné struggles to break the shocking news to Jabes ...

175. Episode 175


Gary is torn and at wits’ end, but Aiden doesn’t want to believe or help him. Ty has little hope, while Veroné is under increasing pressure to return home.

176. Episode 176


LeeAnn is desperate, while Elana is determined to protect Veroné from their family. Gary and Aiden find themselves at a dangerous crossroads with Nazeem.

177. Episode 177


Justin and Veroné have to deal with a crisis, while Ty’s negativity gets to everyone. It's make or break for Gary as he sets a dangerous plan in motion.

178. Episode 178


Kaashifa receives good news that leaves Rhafiek with mixed feelings. Nazeem finds himself in a particularly tight spot, and conversations about the future send Justin’s head spinning...

179. Episode 179


Gary makes a decision about his future. Ty and LeeAnn reach boiling point, while Rhafiek is keen to be more involved at Oos Wes.

180. Episode 180


Justin is hesitant to take Veroné to a wedding, while Rhafiek causes problems when he interferes in the way Oos Wes is run. There is tension in the Daniels home.

181. Episode 181


LeeAnn makes a shocking suggestion to Ty, while Veroné gives Justin a big fright. Rhafiek keeps on trying to add value to Oos Wes.

182. Episode 182


Wade is forced to tell Angie the truth about LeeAnn and Alex. Rhafiek goes over Kaashifa’s head and confirms things on her behalf, while Jabes is determined to win Veroné back.

183. Episode 183


Mrs J confronts her daughter. Rhafiek is enthusiastic about Oos Wes, but will he butt heads with Kaashifa again? Justin makes a difficult decision about his relationship with Veroné.

184. Episode 184


Veroné is caught up in her sorrow, while Rhafiek receives an unexpected offer. The Thulis struggle to find a Christmas gift for Brendan and LeeAnn makes peace with Angie.

185. Episode 185


Siya and Danni have a crazy day, while Veroné experiences intense inner turmoil. Rhafiek also finds himself at a fork in the road. Will he put his family’s needs first, or his own happiness?

186. Episode 186


Mymoena and Bianca have a house guest. Rhafiek wants to take his family away the weekend before Christmas, while Bridgette wants to show up a competitor.

187. Episode 187


Bridgette is surprised by the reaction to her ad for a Santa Claus. Kaashifa struggles with Rhafiek in her workspace, while items mysteriously disappear in Ruiterbosch.

188. Episode 188


Kaashifa and Rhafiek consider respective solutions to their work tension, while the neighbourhood watch have to tackle a theft problem. Bridgette bullies Tim into a comical situation.

189. Episode 189


The neighbourhood watch welcomes a very special guest and Bridgette tries to share the limelight with him. Justin is back and Rhafiek takes a big step, while LeeAnn tries to find Bridgette a Father Christmas.

190. Episode 190


It’s Christmas Day in Ruiterbosch, but there’s an unexpected twist in JPD’s plans for the orphanage. Laylla surprises Nazeem with her ingenuity, while Susan and Elana are shocked while on neighbourhood watch.

191. Episode 191


It's a holiday, but Bridgette expects everyone to be back at work. Justin acts irresponsibly again, while Nazeem and Laylla spend more time together.

192. Episode 192


Nazeem has a day full of surprises, and something terrible happens to Aiden. Carlo brings an interesting friend home while Rhafiek steals the spotlight at JPD.

193. Episode 193


Susan and Aiden are hauled over the coals, while Mrs J and Kate see something fishy and wonder whether they should get involved. Fate works in Nazeem’s favour ...

194. Episode 194


Rhafiek makes Nazeem think twice about his relationship with Laylla. Aiden, does something out of desperation to look younger, while Mrs J and Kate help to catch a thief.